Monika de Neef

~ Organisational and Business Performance in the Public Sector ~

“You can’t change the past. Focus on creating a great future!”


Delivering better services and more value for money in a VUCA-world are major challenges for public sector organisations. How to create organisational agility with fully engaged staff in a rapidly changing world with eco-conscious citizens, climate change, open data, smart cities, etc.?


The greatest assets of a public organisation are its people and time. How much time do people spend on what really matters? The biggest strengths can be found in ‘the space in between’ relationships, a space often not seen and forgotten.


Managing Organisational and Business Performance and creating organisational agility requires systems thinking skills, and knowledge of complexity, patterns and organisational behaviour. I focus on research related to the public sector and how to translate this into practical solutions.

Next level in organisational performance?

More staff engagement? Better cost-effectiveness?

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